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Hazy Coast

$ 300.00
18"x24" Acrylic and Charcoal on Watercolor Paper, Unframed
The Hazy Palms Series was painted with expectant longing for the start of the summer. I live in Southern California and we have a term for the annual early summer foggy season: "June Gloom". But I don't think palm trees peeking through the fog look gloomy, I think they look elegantly subtle but full of promise of the start of Summer in Southern California.
"Hazy Coast" was painted on watercolor paper with gray charcoal pulled across the page with a large wet brush. Cool and warm white tones of acrylic paint were used to "carve" out the forms of the palm trees.
While painting this painting I was also on the hunt for the perfect warm white for my walls. I had stared stared at close to 100 variations of white and realized how many tints and tones white can have. This painting has a mix of warm and cool white tones and would look amazing on any wall color.
The painting comes unframed, but reach out if you would like some framing recommendations. I love it framed with or without a white mat, in a raw wood frame.

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